05 May 2005

description of "dancing stick people"

by Cecily
I made this movie from a bunch of different things. It involves a lot of switching back and forth between the following:
(1) stop-action animation of the titular "stick people". These are big (6 foot high) wooden statues. In actual life, the statues do not dance. I took pictures of them from various angles and then photoshopped them into stop-motion "dancing" type animation.
(2) clips of the deaf girls at the Institut Filippo Smaldone, doing a tradtional Rwandan dance
(3) clips taken from inside the car while driving around various parts of Rwanda
(4) wildlife, including parrots, gorillas, giraffes, and hawks
(5) different statues (smaller, although the size isn't obvious from any of the clips) who do not "dance" but their hair waves wildly around.
(6) me, walking around in Zanzibar looking at things
(7) the ocean, from a boat between Zanzibar and Chumbe Island (which is nearby)

plus there are some random insertions of still pictures of various things. Me and Emily drinking beer on the balcony, for one, and some lovely landscapes, for another.

During the dancing stick people parts, mostly what happens is that either the stick people wiggle their heads around or wave their arms. Sometimes there are full body dance moves but not very many.

There is no plot or point. It is just things that I liked the look of, set to a drumbeaty song.


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