05 May 2005

description for "moving on to more important things"

by Cecily
This post involves the invitation to a party at my house. The first image is the front of the invitation and the second image is the inside view.

Front: Three boys are at a counter in some kind of science lab, looking at microscopes. They each have a speech bubble.
Boy 1: I love science.
Boy 2: I love beer.
Boy 3: I know where we can all have fun!

Inside (left):
large red letters say "yes". Black letters say "it is time for a Science Party at Alyssa and Cecily's house!
a diagram of an octopus is in the middle of the page. At the bottom of the page is a picture of a woman looking into some kind of large, scientific contraption while a man in horn-rimmed glasses looks on. The woman is saying "I can see the science! And the beer!"

Inside (right):
A color photograph of test tubes with red, blue and green liquid in them is in the upper right corner. A diagram of something complicated is in the middle of the page. Text reads
"Saturday, April Fifteenth*
SCIENCE and beverages provided.
You bring the fun.
*Science time is 9


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