06 May 2005

description for video in "creepy/fascinating"

by Cecily
Video called "Rabbit" by artist Run Wrake.

This is an animated short film based on drawings that are reminiscent of 50s-era readers; most figures in the film appear with courier-font labels hovering near them throughout.

imdb summary:
A girl sees a rabbit running across a field. Thinking it would make an excellent muff, she pursues it with a knife. It escapes her, but her brother kills it. She slices it open, and out pops an animated idol that, when bothered by insects, turns them into feathers, bottles of ink, and jewels. Thinking of the riches of royalty, the boy and girl put the idol outside in a vat of plum jam and proceed to eviscerate various farm animals to draw hundreds of wasps and flies. The idol complies, and soon they've filled a bedroom with boxes of jewels. Off they go to town to trade the feathers and ink for more jam, but while they're gone, the idol is busy. Comeuppance may await.

While the boy and the girl are gone, the idol becomes angry because there is no more jam. It uses a carrot to entice another rabbit, who jumps through the window and becomes several cartoony spirit-rabbits. The idol turns the spirits into a tiger, who catches the tiger and eats it, just as the boy and girl return home. The boy picks up a gun and shoots the tiger, but he is too late- the tiger turns back into a rabbit and all of the jewels, feathers, and ink turn back into insects. The insects crawl over the boy and girl, who die, as the rabbit escapes back into the field. The final scene, with the rabbit running through the grass, is the same scene that opened the film.


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