20 May 2005

description for photo in "This is where the term "political spectrum" is originally from"

by Cecily
Photograph of the DC City Council from Council Period 17 (2007-2008), in Council Chambers. There are men and women of various sizes and colors; all of the suits, shoes, and some shirts/jewelrey have been photoshopped so that the colors match the listed color names.

Standing in the back row are:
"Vincent Periwinkle" is a short, plump white man in a light blue jacket and bow tie [Jim Graham];
"Vincent Plum" is a tall black woman in a purple suit [Muriel Bowser];
"Vincent Pewter" is a tall black man in an dark gray suit [Harry Thomas Jr];
"Vincent Blue" is a tall white man with white hair in a bright blue suit [Tommy Wells];
"Vincent Red" is a medium-height black woman in a red suit [Yvette Alexander];
"Vincent Marionberry" is a dark-skinned black man in a dark purple suit [Marion Barry];
"Vincent "Michael" Brown" is a bald white man with a mustache in a brown suit [Phil Mendelson];
"Vincent Mustard" is a small white woman in a yellow suit [Mary M. Cheh].

Seated in front of them are:
"Vincent Black" is a young bald man with lightish skin wearing a black suit [David Catania];
"Vincent Kelly" is a plump white woman with dark brown hair wearing a green suit [Carol Schwartz];
"Vincent Gray" is a light-skinned black man with a mustache wearing a gray suit [Vincent C. Gray];
"Vincent Navy" is a blonde-haired white man wearing a navy blue suit [Jack Evans];
"Vincent "Kwame" Brown" is a plump, dark-skinned black man with a mustache wearing a brown suit [Kwame R. Brown].