05 May 2005

description of "pride and prejudice"

by Cecily
This is a three-panel comic strip, Get Your War On by David Rees. The first and third panel picture a dark-haired man sitting next to a computer and talking on the phone. The second panel features a blond man with some paperwork in front of him, also on the phone.

Dark-haired man: What do you think of the White House's constitutional analysis? Did it convince you the NSA wiretaps are legal? Or were you maybe too busy wiping up Thomas Jefferson's ghost-vomit to notice?

Blond man: Here's George Bush's constitutional analysis: "I don't understand the fuckin' thing, so why should I obey it? It's written in some kind of loop-de-loop old-timey scribble-language anyway."

Dark-haired man: Oh, I think he understands the Constitution, all right. It's the pre-9/11 nail he hangs his Mr. Super President cape on.


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