05 May 2005

description for "That is one of his tricks"

by Cecily
There are five images here: each is a scanned page from a sketchbook, and involves both text and pictures that have been cut out of various children's books and glued to the pages. The text has been cut so that the lines read smoothly, with many sentences involving multiple sources. The images are of various elements from all the different source books, but for the most part are not directly related to the text.

Page 1: large, red, lower-case 'a', followed by text: "This is Adam, the first man. He lived in the garden of Eden. God brought every bird and beast to Adam, and Adam game them names."

below this is a large picture of a boy in a straw hat with a basket full of eggs on one arm, an egg in the other hand, and a chicken on a nest. Beside this picture are two text snippets:
"his name is Pete"
"his name is Spot"

below this picture is a picture of a dog, with two more text clippings:
"He does not like to wear clothes. But he likes to wear funny hats."
"That is why I call him Thumper."

Page 2: large red lower-case letter f, next to several pictures of cartoon mice surrounding a cartoon man (mice and man taken from different sources). Below this is a large picture of a bunny rabbit, next to the text (from multiple sources):
"This is baby bunny. He killed a giant, Goliath of Gath. The giant had a stout shield and armor of brass. But David's shield was the name of the Lord, and his weapons were five small mice."

Lower on the page is a picture of a girl on a swing, with glass slippers glued on top and the text "A little girl was coming out of the house next door. And on her feet were tiny glass slippers!"

At the bottom right corner of the page is a cut-off image of a fish, with the text "This pleased Baby Bunny, and he spent three days in the belly of a great fish."

Page 3: text "Bobby finds one on the fruit stand" next to a picture of a red apple.

Underneath this is a large picture of a baby sitting on the grass with a towel wrapped around it. Below this is the text:
"Joseph cooked and baked. She cleaned and scrubbed. She had no time left for parties and fun. His jealous brothers sold him into slavery. Yet because the spirit of God was in his heart, He is learning to jump over a stick. he became ruler over all Egypt."

and below this, more text: "That was all the Duke needed."

Page 4: the top of the page is a large page from the Disney book of Cinderella, featuring crying Cinderella sitting in the garden by a bench and the fairy godmother standing nearby. Below this is text:
"Bobby's grandfather tells Bobby stories about when he was Moses. The Lord chose Moses to lead His people from slavery in Egypt to homes in the Promised Land. And on Mount Sinai God never left her side, all evening long. They danced every dance. They had supper side by side. And they happily smiled into each other's Commandments"

Page 5: In the upper right corner is a cartoonish boy with dark skin and dark brown curly hair, wearing a backpack and waving. Next to this is text:
"This is Saul, a fine young man and handsome, head and shoulders taller than any other man. One day Saul went to Samuel for help. When Samuel saw him coming, the fairy godmother turned a fat pumpkin into a chariot of fire. That is one of his tricks"

Midway down the page are pictures of a gray pumpkin on the left and an orange chariot drawn by yellow horses on the right. Between these are the words:
""Salaga doola,
Menchicka boola,
Bibbity bobbety boo!" she cried."

Bottom right, under the picture of the chariot, says "Saul cried. He would not wash his face. He pouted and fussed, and finally he issued a decree. But no one would listen. So the city fell. And the children were marched away as captives to Babylon."


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