01 May 2005

description/captions for "grog vlog"

by Cecily
All dialogue is in ASL, and also captioned in English.

(Lindsay, standing on the balcony, turns to look at the camera)

Lindsay: why hello there.

(Lindsay walks to the table and hands a glass of beer to the camera)

Drink beer, Cecily.

(Lindsay and Cecily are sitting down talking to each other/to the camera)

Lindsay: it's Rwandan beer
Cecily: called Mutzig.
Lindsay: that's a German name but whatever

(Cecily shows the beer bottle to the camera)

Lindsay: it's delicious
Cecily: there's another type of beer that we found in the fridge but we haven't drunk it yet because there seemed something funny about it
Lindsay: little bit scary actually
Cecily: then we realized it was Banana Beer ... with 25% alcohol so, we decided to wait 'til my parents leave for the weekend.
Lindsay: don't tell anyone, a it's going to be so fun
Cecily: Hi Dad!
Lindsay: hi!

Cecily: Today we drove with Sam to buy beer. It went pretty well. I didn't hit anything.
Lindsay: I think all the people were waiting for you to hit something
Cecily: I know. I drove in-- this was the same place me and Emily bought all that Fanta two years ago. So you drive to this place and there are stacks and stacks of soda and beer and things
Lindsay: people too
Cecily: There were A LOT of people all over the place. Anyway two years ago it was possible to circle back to the main road but now...
Cecily: I dont know what they were doing but they were doing something, fixing or building something
Lindsay: yeah, fixing up something
Cecily: so we drove down the road and got stuck because there was a ditch in the middle of the road. So we pull up to the ditch and stop.
Lindsay: yeah, a ditch
Cecily: okay- so we just started loading beer in the back.I was like...: what should i do to get out?
Lindsay: all the people were staring as we decided how to get out
Cecily: Lindsay said to just back up down the street: Sam was like, "can you turn around?" I was like, "okay..." so I did like a few-point turn and we left the way we came. And during this whole time there were 30 to 40 people who were just standing around watching us. It was good.
Lindsay: It was AWESOME

(birds circling in the sky with birdy noises in the background)

Lindsay: :: the sea monkies have taken to the skies!!! ::

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